Stand By Me


Over at How to Play Bass Paul Wolfe has produced two handy lists of 50 songs which are intended to be a step-by-step route for the beginning bassist to develop their skills with their instrument. The lists are Play Bass in 50 Songs – Rock and Play Bass in 50 Songs – Soul. But which to choose, rock or soul?

As it happens, I can already play a few of the songs on the rock list so, rather than start there, I decided to begin working through the soul list as this would expand my repertoire more quickly.

The first song on Paul’s Play Bass in 50 Songs – Soul is Ben E King’s classic, Stand By Me. Paul says of this song:

A nice simple line to start with that repeats throughout the song.

I couldn’t find a free tutorial on Paul’s site, and I haven’t subscribed to his pay e-zine (yet), but I did find a tutorial for this song by Kris Rodgers here. You can also find it in his lesson tree at Learn Bass – it’s song #2.

There are several videos of Stand By Me on YouTube, so finding one to play along to is pretty straightforward. The one I’ve been playing along to is here.

Whilst speaking about YouTube, if you have an account you could gather together versions of the songs on Paul’s lists (and Kris’s, and any other songs you learn to play) into your own playlist. It’s what I’m doing for the songs that I don’t already have available in other formats.


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