With or Without You


The second song in Paul Wolfe’s Play Bass in 50 Songs – Rock list is this one from U2’s Joshua Tree album. Paul says this about it:

One of my favourite U2 songs – simple bass line too, four chords, root notes in a steady 8th note pulse.

This was the first song that I worked out how to play on my own, but if you need a tutorial there’s one here by Dave Marks which shows you how to play the entire line on one string!

Slightly more adventurous – using 2 strings – is this version, which also has a tab. This is similar to the way I worked out to play it – I played the A notes on the 5th fret of the E string rather than with the open A string, meaning that I could almost play the entire song from one hand position.

And, of course, you could play the B-notes on the 7th fret of the E-string instead of the 2nd fret of the A-string.

The choice is yours!



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